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Bunny Echo
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Mad as a Hatter & Twice as Twisted... I'm Echo

About the Artist:
I have lived in a small city in Canada since birth but I have found my home in the capital. I am a total paradox. I'ma social butterfly but an introvert. I am a nyctophilliac. Some of my favourite things are bunnies, comics, anime, the ocean, glitter accessories and rain. My favourite foods in the world are pizza, jello, movie popcorn and ice cream.

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Well deviants,

I've begun to re-invent myself a little. I found I need to start taking better care of my overall spiritual health. It's a work in progress but i am trying. Stop being concerned about dealing with other people's negative energies. I have to learn to let karma deal with them. Let her give them EXACTLY what they deserve.

Many times I have been asked if I am wiccan. I do not believe in labelling people. I believe in knowing myself and the world around me on a deeper level. Be more open to the divine and what this world has to offer. I have to stop being negative about myself and the world. I need to be more positive. It's a work in progress & it's hard but I am trying. I have made a new friend who is helping me on my journey to open and breath and accept the world into my soul.

So now that being said: onto business. I need to make a statement to all those people who give spirituality a bad name. We've all met them & unfortunately our world is highly influenced by them. Why not many "self-proclaimed" enthusiasts are truly wiccans:

• "Religion sucks. I quit." Wicca is perfect! It's actually not that evil, but your family doesn't know that. You can creep everyone out and keep your soul safe at the same time! (FYI Wicca is the exact same as witchcraft. There's no such thing as good or bad magick. Before christianity witchcraft was the ONLY religion)

• "Look at me, I'm a witch!" That oh-so-dangerous leap out of the broom closet, which usually occurs within the first week you buy a book about Wicca. You want to let everyone know about your change of religion, for some god awful reason you need that attention, especially parents and authority figures. Religious beliefs can't possibly live quietly inside of your own head, they have to be shared! (But you aren't pushy about it, oh no... don't you just hate those Jehovah's Witnesses?) You don your little pentacle necklace and wear it in public, just -itching- for someone to walk up to you and start an argument. Then you'll be able to correct them about dozens of things you've learned word-for-word.... ("Male witches aren't called warlocks!") Oh! Don't you just love the attention you get? You're not a basic bitch at all *eye rolls* You just want attention for your appearance too BIG difference there -_ -

• If you don't want to step out of the broom closet, there are still various ways to stick a toe out the door for each of the people you want to impress and/or frighten. (Like wearing your pentacle -under- your shirt, on a short chain, so it'll slide into view if you shift just right. Or you can wear gothed- or hippied-out clothing and say "Oh, Goddess!" every five minutes. Or you can call your cat a familiar and your cookbook a grimoire [accidentally, of course] ...the list goes on.) 

• "What you put into the world, be it positive you will get back. Be it negative and it comes back on you threefold so they lvoe everything living thing they come across and then become the most negative jealous hateful people when no one is looking and quietly "help" others so they'll benefit personally

• By the way, did you know that the Wiccan threefold law applies to everyone, whether Wiccan or not? that's why it never hurts to try to bring positivity into the world in some way without looking for a way to benefit

• "It's a witch thing. You wouldn't understand." You get to feel oh-so-self-righteous by knowing all the little nuances of the unseen world (even though you can't tell us anything about the Qabalah, the Goetia, or the aethyral hierarchy). Your advanced state of enlightenment usually consists of a whole lot of preaching about "balance of light and dark," "karma," "harm none," and anything else that makes you feel more holy than those plebeian mundanes. I cannot count how many times I've asked a Wiccan a question that ended up in a long string of conversation designed to find out if I'm "worthy to know that".... when really they're hypocritical self righteous people who like pointing out that exact thing in others acting superior. Sometimes they don't have the first clue what they're talking about and it physically hurts your IQ 

• Do you have a surplus of rose petals and red candles? Get a clue. There's a reason you don't have a boyfriend or your relationship is crap, and it sure ain't the quality of your spells. Try actually taking advice from more qualified people about your outward appearance instead of taking for granted that you're a beauty guru and know what the world likes. Lower your nose and stop preaching. Try smiling for once (smirking doesn't count) and being genuinely nice. Stop acting like everything is an insult when it's just people nicer then you trying to give friendly advice.

• The "witchier-than-thou" complex. Soon after you become a witch, you ask your mother, "Has anything weird ever happened to you?" And she'll tell you about the time she thought Uncle Herbert was going to call, and, five minutes later, he did! "Aha!" you'll think, "It's genetic!" In a burst of clarity, you suddenly realize that your mother was a repressed witch; your grandmother was a witch; your great-grandmother got burned at the stake in the Salem Witch Trials; and your other relatives were all Celtic, so you should probably start wearing those nifty knot work rings. because you know that's so unique! Everyone's wearing them!

Wicca is only about 50 years old
Witchcraft is older than christianity (Became two religions because christianity wanted to be sovereign without any comparison)
If you'd ever read Wicca's 161 laws, you'd know that you're not supposed to claim Wicca as a religion -- in fact, you're supposed to preach that witchcraft is evil and deny that you practice it. But then you wouldn't be able to flash how "wicca" you are at people... let alone wear plate-sized pentacles to get attention!
"Witches don't have any more psychic powers than any other person, we're just more in tune with the Earth." Um... what???

There's basics bitches even when it comes to something like spirituality. No original thought in their tiny brains. No one likes posers. You want keep lying & faking kindness, generosity & overall serenity karma will come for you. You want to claim wiccan well guess what: the threefold laws apply to your negativity so don't be surprised when it comes knocking.

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